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The creator of EOS, Dan Larimer, presented the new Clarion project


Dan Larimer

developer Dan Larimer has announced his next project called Clarion. Similar to previous projects, the goal of the development will be decentralized networks that allow people to communicate without relying on trusted third parties.

Larimer is known for creating several projects. In 2013, he created BitShares as a way to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency. In 2016, he founded the decentralized Steem content network, which later evolved into Hive. And in 2017, he created the EOS platform, which raised billions of dollars during the .

“Clarion OS is just starting and is at an early stage of development. We are putting together a development team to create the first prototypes. This project will be developed openly and the contribution of everyone who is interested in restoring the Internet to the level of logical decentralization, which was conceived before large companies monopolized services and stopped creating tools that empower people, is welcome,” Larimer wrote in the GitHub community of programmers.

The main idea of the Clarion protocol is to provide the ability to send messages in various ways, such as e-mail and a regular messenger. It will also support group chats and allow one person to send messages to large groups of people. Although the idea remains the same — to break the monopolies of Facebook and Twitter, this project will be a little different. Instead of creating another blockchain, Clarion will be more of a basic messaging protocol similar to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

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Clarion will focus on moving information, not cost. Thus, he will not need the same complex consensus mechanism that blockchains use, for example, for mining coins. This will make it more scalable and free it from many of the limitations inherent in typical blockchains.

But the project will still use cryptography, as in the case of traditional blockchains. This means that each user will have their own cryptographic object controlled by a set of private keys. Attackers will not be able to easily impersonate other people, but if someone steals the keys, they can steal someone else’s identity.

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