welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is 
aaron there is fantastic opportunity in    right now in today's video i'm going to take 
you through about six or seven different altcoin   projects where things have changed for these 
projects in a significant way and i'm going to   share with you in this video everything you need 
to know of course the reason why you subscribe to   this channel is because on a daily basis we take 
you through the biggest events the most important   information the newest projects the hottest 
pieces of news in the space this is the reason   why you subscribe to this channel if there is a 
cryptocurrency you want us to include in our next   video let us know in the comments below and let's 
get into it before we talk about i need   to share with you a few different bitcoin metrics 
my friends bitcoin looks to me like it's ready to   pop and once it pops bitcoin has a history 
of never going back to previous price points   given enough time so believe me do not sleep 
on bitcoin especially with stuff like this 37   of all dollars in existence have been created 
in the last 18 months this is staggering they   are inflating away how we retain wealth right 
how we retain value and actually what's great   is that more and more people are realizing 
that cash is trash take a look cash is trash   gold is a lot better yet bitcoin is the best when 
you take a look at the traits of money and what   gives fiat value or gold value bitcoin wins hands 
down think about it like this if you held gold   for the last 10 years you've lost one percent 
of your purchasing power basically broke even   if you've held bitcoin for the last 10 years 
you've gained 538 000 of your purchasing power   now realize that searches for bitcoin on google 
are at a nine month low there's now no hype and   we're still at 50k that's pretty good and then 
realize when you take a look at on chain data 22   of bitcoin is that's it that's the only available 
percentage of bitcoin available to be bought   or sold well 78 of bitcoin supply is considered 
illiquid held by strong hands people are   huddling bitcoin they're not giving it up see you 
at all time highs speaking of cryptocurrencies   about to pop we need to talk about ethereum this 
is ethereum's cycle to lose my friends there is   so much good going on in the ethereum ecosystem 
how can you not be bullish especially when you   read stuff and see stuff like this budweiser as 
in the budweiser one of the biggest brand names   in the world just bought a beer themed ethereum 
domain nft specifically budweiser just bought the   ethereum domain name beer dot eth and they used 
eth to pay for this 30 eth one hundred thousand   dollars combined that with visa another huge brand 
name bought an ethereum crypto punk the other day   for over a hundred thousand dollars so this 
is the first time we're seeing stuff like this   think about it like this there are over 40 000 
publicly listed companies in the world and only   10 000 crypto punks now of course this is a little 
bit tongue-in-cheek but it speaks to the fact that   right now we've only seen one basically visa 
we're just so early in all of this so it's no   wonder we've been sharing this information 
with you for months ethereum looks ready to   pop and is definitely going through a supply 
shock right now ethereum is trading on top of   stable support while selling pressure behind it is 
drastically diminishing and when you take a look   at everything going on in the ethereum ecosystem 
from nfts to decentralized exchanges to d5   to stable coins to anything the fact that this fee 
burn has only been implemented for definitely less   than a month it's only been a little bit over a 
week yet we've already seen almost 100 000 east   burnt pay attention to ethereum my friends this 
is ethereum's cycle to lose meaning that i think   ethereum is going to do great especially when 
we see big companies another big brand name   basically competing with ethereum or actually 
becoming interoperable with ethereum facebook   looking to be a part of the nft boom social media 
giant is considering adding support for nfts to   its cryptocurrency wallet facebook is considering 
building products and features related to nfts   quote we're definitely looking at the number of 
ways to get involved in the space because we think   we're in a really good position to do so says 
facebook exec david marcus so it's only a matter   of time before facebook and of course facebook's 
instagram gets nft compatible when we see stuff   like this when we see stuff like this you bet 
they're going to be ethereum compatible now before   we continue let me recommend something to you a 
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you don't want to get to a wrong site you want   to make sure you are on the correct site and this 
is the way that you do it moving forward if you're   bullish on ethereum you ought to be bullish on the 
next few cryptocurrencies making our list today   this is big news for as they're 
approaching their smart contracts september 12th   upgrade something else has popped up which is 
pretty pretty cool is getting an ethereum   compatible side chain well what does this 
mean well the side chain will use wrapped ada   as the assets to pay for transaction fees so just 
like you can do wrap to bitcoin now you can do   wrap data and whether this is you know is this 
better for ethereum is this better for cardano   the point is everything is becoming 
interoperable and it's good that all   of these networks are working with each other 
and talking to each other hugely bullish on   ethereum hugely bullish on cardano hugely bullish 
on many ethereum inter-operators and competitors   like solana solana developers can now use chain 
links defy price feed with chain link oracle is   now live on solana's network builders now have 
access to reliable price data so like i said   bullish on solana and also chain link making 
our list today when it comes to oracle tokens   there is nothing on the level of chain link they 
are taking majority market share but just like   i'm bullish on cardano just like i'm bullish 
on solana also bullish on avalanche question is   because we've been talking about this for a while 
now the question is why is avalanche soaring well   it's pretty simple avalanche is onboarding blue 
chip d5 protocols that are known to be on ethereum   they're onboarding them to also be compatible with 
avalanche avalanche again interoperability and   the avalanche token keeps soaring even as other 
coins retrace so avalanche's avax token is up 300   in the last 30 days avalanche has recently 
attracted blue chip d5 projects like ave   curve and sushi swap all still on ethereum but 
now also compatible with avalanche pretty cool   uh besides that several other nascent d5 projects 
in the avalanche ecosystem are likely contributing   to the growth so this is a pretty big deal i 
suspect we'll see something similar with cardano   and it's just you know this is where 
the action is at my friends ethereum   and ethereum competitors and inter operators next 
coin on our list is specifically for gaming and   nfts this i would consider engine a blue chip 
gaming cryptocurrency project protocol the news   is this that social network blockster it's like a 
you know social network like a facebook or twitter   collaborates with engine and is rewarding 400 000 
early users with nfts blockstar is doubling down   on the nft hype with the partnership with engine 
and basically if you mint nfts on engine it's   costs a lot less than on ethereum which is why 
they're working together and engine representing   the gaming industry in today's video very bullish 
on quality coins like this next coin on our list   can sometimes be controversial it's been in the 
space eight plus years currently being sued by the   sec many people are bullish on xrp despite that 
the news is that like it or not people are looking   at the charts and seeing that xrp is on the verge 
of a 30 price move xrp looks ready to spike in   volatility could see its price move by more than 
30 percent so ripple's xrp token has endured a   10 day long consolidation period without providing 
any clear signal as to where it's headed next now   only a four-hour candlestick close above 126 
or below 118 will determine the direction of   this trend and we got to clear one of these 
price levels now despite the uncertainty   the parabolic stop and reverse points have turned 
bullish indicating that a breakout is under way   so everybody's saying xrp is in this consolidation 
mode leaning bullish if the sec clears ripple or   gives them a slap on the wrist i could easily see 
a big move for the xrp token and all in all it is   clear where the big companies that are tied so 
closely with wall street or the government or   you know they won't be doing this if they thought 
cryptocurrency was going to be going away anytime   soon they're doing this because they're setting 
themselves up not for 2020 or 2021 they're setting   themselves up for 2020 the decade and paypal 
has now expanded crypto services to the uk   the uk is the latest country to gain access to 
paypal's crypto offering so good news for bitcoin   ethereum be cash and litecoin and now i ask you in 
the comments which cryptocurrency has changed the   most in your mind which cryptocurrency did you 
become a bull on this year i want to hear from   you know the old dogs like myself who've been in 
this base a while i want to hear from the newbies   which coins do you like are you more interested 
in the high caps are you more interested in the   low caps and tell me which ones in the comments 
below alright my friends my name is aaron at   altcoin daily subscribe to the channel we are on 
a road to 1 million subscribers see you tomorrow

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