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Seychelles Crypto License: Complete Guide For Crypto Traders | Adam S Tracy


seychelles has always been an interesting place from like an offshore financial assistances standpoint because you find that it’s kind of a gateway to africa and it’s also unusually radical when it comes to their certificates dealer license and the ability to get it’s rather easy and it’s rather broad-spectrum freedom you can trade equities most people use it for forex brokerages and like and it’s um you know it’s an interesting locale from being from a tariff position and from a banking perspective right like there’s a good availability of banking um as a licensed entity and say shells but they dip their toe now into the groceries and i think it’s a really interesting thing and of course we go back to like the regulatory sandbox right that’s that’s their strive that their nation’s attempt at having a license which is the right thing to do perhaps but like singapore and other plazas that have it in bbi and things like that it’s it’s sort of like this impeccable gray area right that you’re in but what’s nice about it is that seychelles has really taken the lead in licensing and the one participant in the regulatory sandbox is a security token exchange i’ve harped on this before like their own problems with defence signs versus like traditional certificates is if you sold me shares of a company there’s always the possibility that you could list those shares on a market somewhere whereas with security clues there really isn’t a liquid marketplace that exists today right there’s numerous tries at doing it but um you know that that security token could sell on claim so you really have this like a liquid asset and i know you could go on d5 platforms that’s a whole lot of storey for another time but the seychelles regulatory sandbox is really interesting because they’ve hugged like this ability to create these exchanges right and their one member is is already in exchange and custodian and it also allows for like centralized exchanges and d5 and everything that a crypto license would otherwise is available for it but they’ve picture a willingness to write the fsa there to allow for you know the trading of security signs and the creation of business therefore which i think is a great great opportunity and not only just the market itself but the inputs to that market right like the market doesn’t function without clearing conglomerates without middlemen without you know all the elements transmit workers and guardians so it’s really uh it’s really a great opportunity right and for the costs and with the relative affluence that i sense in matters of coming it it’s really worth taking a look at versus some of the more established crypto licenses right and you know the law predicts that the regulatory sandbox is sort of merely a a precursor into the license when they actually codify that and cause that crypto license so um it’s definitely worth checking out and you know depending on your peculiarly if like your you know your neighborhood your target grocery includes like locates like dubai it’s certainly worth a hard look at least because of um you know its closenes and the ability to pass forth the license to there so clearly stumbled me up with if you have any questions uh email is adam at adam tracy t r a c y speck io and i will talk to you soon encourages oh you

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