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The analyst named the top gaming altcoins



An anonymous with the nickname Guy named gaming altcoins that investors should closely monitor

His list starts with Axie Infinity (AXS). According to him, AXS started developing the trend of games with the play-to-earn model a few months earlier than others and the project is thriving, despite its primitive aesthetics:

“I must admit that there is not much to look at in Axie. Everything revolves around Pokemon-inspired characters who fight and are brought out in a straightforward strategy game. Although this NFT game is quite simple, it has already yielded approximately 27,500 ETH in trading volumes on OpenSea alone and has more than 30,000 active traders. Axie’s success is based on the fact that users can earn just by playing the game, which is a revolutionary economic achievement.”

The analyst also noted the virtual world project The Sandbox (SAND), where participants can buy, sell and trade digital assets, such as NFT tokens and virtual plots of land. Initially, the project was a mobile 2D game, but then it was transformed into a 3D based on Ethereum. According to Guy, the platform’s unique approach to virtual real estate sets it apart from others:

“In The Sandbox, I like a based on a virtual earth. Land plots are fragments of digital real estate in the project’s that players can buy and populate with in-game assets to create an authentic gaming experience. Each site is classified and stored in the Ethereum network as an NFT, which makes it available for trading”

And the list closes with the Netvrk social virtual world (NTVRK), which gives users the opportunity to create various types of NFT and receive passive income by selling or renting out their property. In addition, the project provides users with the opportunity to buy luxury real estate using tokens:

“This metaverse project allows you to buy assets in its virtual domain, including buildings, offices, cars and houses. Now imagine that you can use the platform tokens to purchase plots in popular elite locations. Thanks to Netvrk, all this is quite possible”

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